Clacks MP calls for General Election as Sunak made Prime Minister without a vote


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Clacks MP calls for General Election as Sunak made Prime Minister without a vote

John Nicolson MP, Member of Parliament for Ochil and South Perthshire, has called for a General Election after the Conservatives installed Rishi Sunak as Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

After Penny Mourdant dropped out of the race, Sunak, 42, became Leader of the Conservatives without a vote from party members, as was the case with Liz Truss. He will become the tenth Conservative Prime Minister Scotland has not voted for.

The former Chancellor was the first in history to be sanctioned by the law earlier this year when he was fined for breaching COVID regulations when he attended a birthday party on 19 June 2020 for then Prime Minister Boris Johnson. At the time, gatherings of two or more people inside were banned by law.  At least eight people were visible in a photograph of the party in which food and alcoholic drinks were visible on the Cabinet Room table.

Commenting, Mr Nicolson said: 

“The latest bout of Conservative internal bloodletting has crawled to its conclusion with the party installing its latest leader. 

“The chaotic Tories have brought us economic turmoil and political chaos. And now, Rishi Sunak, a supporter of cuts and austerity, has been imposed on us without the public having a say.

“An apologist for Boris Johnson, our new Prime Minister is a politician with so little faith in the UK that he had a Green Card to move to the States when he was Chancellor. He was fined for breaching Covid lockdown. 

“There’s little to cheer. It’s time for a General Election.”