Baroness Mone admits lying to the press


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Michelle Mone was sent to the House of Lords by David Cameron. He said it was because of her brilliance in business, selling lingerie. Knickers to you and me. 

She’d no experience making medical gear. But as the pandemic broke, Mone approached her contacts in government and said her friends in the Far East could help.

In the background was her second husband, Doug Barrowman. He runs financial companies in a tax haven. So far, so Tory. 

Michelle Mone says that when she offered to assist the panicked government to acquire much need PPE, she was given an enthusiastic reception.

Meanwhile her husband, in his tax haven, quickly started up a brand new business called PPE Medpro. 

Mone’s fast track Government contact was fellow Tory Scot in London, Michael Gove. She promised him gowns and masks to protect frontline workers. 

But Gove and Barrowman weren’t offering to help just out of civic duty. They saw an opportunity to exploit a national emergency for profit. A lot of profit. The Tory duo – one a Conservative member of the House of Lords – used their position to make themselves very rich indeed. 

Completely immoral. The contracts were worth £202 million. Her husband took over £60 million pounds of profit. 

Mone hid the deal. She didn’t declare her involvement to the Parliamentary authorities as she was required to do.

Journalists began sniffing around the story. To throw them off the scent, Mone began telling some big lies. She lied to journalists point-blank about PPE Medpro and her connections with the company and its massive profits. She threatened to sue them if they told the truth. 

The Government now says much of the Covid gear she sold them was unusable. The Department of Health has a claim against them in court. And the National Crime Agency is investigating. 

She may yet get her comeuppance. We will see. 

The leader of the Scottish Tories, Douglas Ross, has been entirely silent on the matter. So very Douglas Ross. So very Scottish Tory. 

In the meantime, Mone remains a member of the House of Lords, and is therefore able to shape the laws that govern us. We have no way of firing her. Yet another example of how dysfunctional the institution is, The SNP want the Lords abolished. The SNP has never and will never take up seats there.

Labour? Well, they’ve been saying they’ll abolish the Lords for 100 years.  And they are no closer to doing so now than they were in 1920. Meanwhile the ‘Upper House’ is hotchin with Scottish Labour peers raking in tax free daily attendance allowances.

Westminster is beyond repair. It’s corrupt to its core.  The only way Scotland can create a cleaner, more accountable political future is through independence.